Art & Other Gifts By Juliet Parrott-Merrell

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Milo's Gift Shop

Visit Milo’s Gift Shop to view and purchase greeting cards and other gifts featuring Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat.

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Visit The JPM Shop to view or purchase greeting cards and other gifts featuring original heart art by me, Juliet Parrott-Merrell!

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Visit to find all things Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat! View cartoons, download Milo’s first book, find free coloring pages and wordfinds, and shop Milo’s store!

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About Juliet

me w: superman 14-47-22Hello, I’m artist and writer Juliet Parrott-Merrell. I spend most of my time taking it easy and having fun exploring and enjoying life with my husband Paul and our kitty Miss Rosie Puppycat. When I’m not doing that I draw Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat and other heart-centered cartoons. I also create and sell greeting cards and other gifts in two Zazzle shops, manage an internet radio station and work as a distributor for Lifevantage as well. Hope you’re enjoying something wonderful today.